Transforming customer experience in an AI-first era

  • Webcast
  • 34 Min Watch Time
Join us for a lively and engaging webinar where we explore the current trends and opportunities involving generative AI for customer experience (CX), highlight the challenges, and explain how Freshworks solutions can help companies deliver the best return on investment. 

How can AI use data to elevate customer experience?

  • Article
  • 3 Min Read
In this article, we'll outline how AI can transform customer experiences and provide actionable insights on incorporating AI into your strategies to create remarkable customer interactions.

Four building blocks to a successful implementation of AI in CX

  • Article
  • 4 Min Read
How much time and effort does your team spend on basic CX tasks, like, answering repetitive customer queries, gathering data from different platforms to optimize customer journeys, or staying on top of internal CX processes?

Personalized and frictionless support: The winning combination for customer service

  • Whitepaper
  • 16 Min Read
Take a deep-dive into the crux of personalization in CX that tailor experiences that delight and propel your business forward.

Adapting to the AI transformation in customer service 

  • Ebook
  • 16 Min Read
Revolutionizing customer service: Unleashing the power of generative AI.

How automation increases customer service agent satisfaction

  • Whitepaper
  • 25 Min Read
Managing high chat volumes can be stressful. But, there’s hope. While you can’t completely eliminate inbound customer queries as your business grows, you can most certainly manage them effectively.

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