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How to get your TCO down and ROI up with a right-sized ITSM solution

  • Whitepaper
  • 5 Min Read
At a time when every organization is increasingly focused on driving bottom-line results, it’s becoming more of a business imperative to save money on IT solutions without compromising quality and impact.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Freshworks Freshservice

  • Whitepaper
  • 30 Min Read
Organizations need IT service management to support knowledge workers in improving productivity, simplify employee experience, and leverage orchestration and artificial intelligence for faster resolution.

Customer stories: From ITSM to ROI

  • Case Study
  • 8 Min Read
5 proven ways enterprises ‘right-sized’ their ITSM to reduce costs with Freshservice.

Why continuing investments in ITSM is critical for CIOs

  • Article
  • 3 Min Read
In today's uncertain economic climate, IT leaders are faced with the challenge of justifying investments in IT Service Management (ITSM) while grappling with tight budgets.